Introduction of Channel Netmarble

Hello. Welcome to Channel Netmarble!

Through this channel, we will provide various Netmarble news and gaming information.
As the representative media platform for Netmarble, we will always do our best to provide high-quality information.

The channel can be broken down into five sections: [Netmarble Inside], [Games], [Content], [Newsroom], and [Video].

■ Netmarble Inside

Information relevant to Netmarble, such as company news, company culture, gaming technology, and more.

■ Games

Information relevant to Netmarble games, such as news on upcoming titles and updates, strategy guides, and more.

■ Content

Fun and useful information along with diverse content.

■ Newsroom

Quick access to official Netmarble news.

■ Video

Game movies, original content, and various Netmarble game videos to watch.

We will continue to do our best to provide fun and exciting content in order to connect with our users.
Please look forward to Channel Netmarble. Thank you for stopping by.

-  From the Channel Netmarble Editing Team

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