LOCATION – OCTOBER 11, 2023 - MARBLEX is thrilled to announce the official listing of its proprietary blockchain currency, MBX, on Japan's cryptocurrency exchange, Zaif. This milestone marks an achievement as MBX becomes the first Korean blockchain game project to earn whitelist status in Japan, which requires a strict examination by the Financial Supervisory Agency of Japan (FSA), underlining its stability and reliability.

Japan has recognized Web 3.0 as a new growth engine, with leading companies in the country actively participating. MARBLEX is actively advancing its presence in Japan through establishing strategic partnerships with YGG Japan and DMM to align itself with these burgeoning trends.

 "As the Japanese crypto market enters a substantial growth phase for the future, we, MARBLEX aim to position ourselves as a pioneering project that is well-prepared ahead of the curve." said Chung Young, CEO at MARBLEX.

To commemorate this listing, an airdrop event will be held on Zaif, starting today, featuring 'MARBLEX-chan NFT,' a cryptocurrency inspired by characters from CoinMusume.

MARBLEX, a subsidiary of the renowned mobile game developer and publisher Netmarble, the MBX ecosystem can be enjoyed as part of Netmarble’s Meta World: My City, A3: Still Alive, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds and The King of Fighters: ARENA. The company will progressively integrate its proprietary blockchain ecosystem into upcoming titles through ongoing updates.

More information can be found on the MARBLEX’s official website, Medium, Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook page.

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