Channel Netmarble Operational Policy

Hello. Thank you for visiting Channel Netmarble.

We have listed some of Netmarble's operational policies below to make it easier for you to enjoy our content.

Here's how we operate:

- Channel Netmarble is a platform where we share stories regarding Netmarble.

- You can access content such as company news, company culture, games, and more.

- The policies are subject to change at the discretion of Netmarble.

Information regarding copyright and distribution:

- All content uploaded to Channel Netmarble are protected by copyright.

- All content uploaded to Channel Netmarble is for personal use only. Users must comply with the following conditions:

1. Attribution: The original author must be attributed to the content.

2. Non-Commercial: You cannot use the content for commercial purposes.

3. No Derivatives: Content may not be modified, transformed, or processed.

We will do our best to provide fun and useful information through Channel Netmarble.
Please look forward to it.

-  From the Channel Netmarble Editing Team

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